Electronic Expansion valves

They are the core of the system and it is thanks to them that you can get a very precise control of the temperature output from air diffusers.

EEVs offer 500 adjustments, due to an accurate electronic control, and allow precise operations of the air handler at the tenth degree (0.1°F)! Refrigerant line, compared to hydraulic line, allows you to optimize performance, and to minimize the wait time in getting desired temperature into the air handler.

In addition, it is possible to have one room at a working temperature of 77°F (25°C) and another at 68°F (20°C), simply by adjusting air handlers coils at different temperatures. Each valve has a dedicated microprocessor that manages and communicates wih the CPU. On the contrary, chillers have the same water temperature for all its air handlers and the thermostat only controls fan speed. On mega yachts over 150ft we offer the VRV heat recovery technology, where each cabin can choose its desired temperature of cooling. Moreover, at the same time some cabins can operate cooling while others heating.

This technology, including the use of inverter compressor, is exclusive to Termodinamica which holds worldwide patents for the marine field.

These valves allow also CPU control of superheat and condensation of R410A gas and come up to the physical limitation of its operating curve. The catalogue includes machines that heat the yacht with sea water temperatures down to 10°F (-12°C)! Oceans water temperatures at the poles are around 26°F (-3°C), so if you install Termodinamica there is no need of additional heating systems.

Thanks to this management, evolved to electronic valve, we obtain values of COP (coefficent of Performance) of up to 8. 1kw electricity consumed, 8Kw thermal produced. Moreover, it is possible a make-to-order production of systems for heat pump boilers and pools.

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