Infrared smart sensor

Termodinamica is constantly aimed to offer maximum comfort.

In certain vessels there are some places, such as gyms or rooms with windows on the ceiling, where a lot of heat is produced. Our sensor picks up on this and adjusts the air handler to your desired body temperature, in order to prevent the air in each room to be uncomfortable. Additionally, it senses if a guest is present in the cabin or not. When there is no one, it automatically activates an economic operation mode, which allows a drastic reduction of the medium absorption of up to 60% on yachts over 100 ft.

The development of this product is also based on the fact that not all people have the same body temperature: some feel hot, while others cold. Termodinamica is able to see the emission of infrared rays (index of body heat) and recognizes the threshold of the well-being of the guest. Once the system has identified this information, the microprocessor processes the correct temperature at which the fan coil must work to perceive the desired climate.

Example: When you are in the gym on your vessel, the sensor will see a very hot temperature in your body. If the air inlet is 50°F (10°C), as commonly noted on a water chiller, the environment will be very uncomfortable and the gym user will feel too cold. However, with our smart sensor, the air handler goes to 55-64°F (12-17°C), so that the air output from the diffusers is at 68-77°F (20-25°C), which will be exactly the desired temperature and will not be perceived as cold.

Termodinamica redefines pure comfortabilites standards.

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