Inverter Compressor

For marine air conditioning, Termodinamica uses the inverter compressor with twin rotary architecture, a compressor characterized by extraordinary features. The compressor runs at variable speeds in a range of 600-6000 rpm, according to the instantly power demand and without any waste of energy. Compressors can be applied either to water chiller and to direct expansion system.

Direct expansion systems with VRV architecture (VariableRefrigerant Volume), based on single condensing unit and multiple air handlers with a single 2 pipes refrigerant line, are more performing and are covered by a worldwide patent owned by Termodinamica.

The performance of Termodinamica VRV reaches EER and COP values (Energy Efficiency Ratio and Coefficient Of Performance W/W) up to 7. This means that a 100ft yacht could be conditioned with a max power source of 9kw as against 25kw of a standard water chiller, and only 2 kw with the boat in temperature during summer. An advanced electronic management allows to manage working temperatures of every air handler in the range of -15°C (5°F) to 18°C(65°F) in cooling, and 20°C(68°F) to 55°C(130°F) in heating, by using continuous variation of working temperature according to the required capacity.

Acceleration: Compressor soffer soft start and digital acceleration.

Size: High speed compressors require half size, for the same cooling capacity.

Weight: Reduced from 2 to 3 times. A 100ft yacht requires 100kg (220lb) asagainst 400kg (880lb) of a standard water chiller.

Reliability: Superior compared to any other competitor. Microprocessor drivers continuously survey compressor working state and do not prevent only the breakdown, but also every possible electric or mechanical stress. An optical sensor surveys the quality and quantity of cranckcase oil. All this data are displayed on the touch screen to allow a simple reading.

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