Remote control gsm – gps

To be constantly close to all of its owners, Termodinamica adopts a compact and accurate telemetry system, which, by exploiting the GSM / UMTS network, transmits to the central command center of support all the operating parameters of the machine and notifies in advance the possibility of failure.

The GSM modem constantly communicates with the CPU of the system that controls at any moment the state of the machine. The control software processes all the information received and, in case of a possible system anomaly, security staff is alerted, so they can contact the nearest technical support center, even before that the owner may require service. The GPS system, built into the modem, allows you to know at all times where the boat is, without any additional information by the owner.

In case of minor anomalies, the service center can work directly from remote by helping the on board engineer. The malfunction can be diagnosed and fixed in few minutes. If it should be necessary to send a technician on site, you have the advantage of knowing in advance the spare parts required to repair the malfunction, preventing waste of time.

Termodinamica builds in series its products, but offers high degree of customization. After the installation, if the shipowner wishes to have further adjustments on the ventilation speed or on the control of the working temperature, it is possible to adjust in real time, and directly from remote, the operating parameters of the machine.

We work to fulfill every desire, even those of the most demanding owners!

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