System advantages

Termodinamica is the only worldwide manufacturer of marine titanium heat exchangers.

This material with virtually no corrosion and very resistant to fouling (thanks to surface oxidation) offer very high mechanical resistence thanks to special patented construction that increase flexibility.

In this way in the colder seas, but also in the warmer ones, we can reach anytime excellent heat exchange performance to exalt energetic performance of our HVAC systems.

Termodinamica offer excellent systems for marine heating based inverter heat pump. It is possible thanks to an advanced use of electronic expansion valve EEV and to a clever management software that control the refrigerant r410a evaporation also with sea water at -5°C (23°F).

Same HVAC software manage the single air handler capacity request, demanding from variable speed compressor only the necessary energy for each second without energy waste.
It will guaranted you a maximum power consuption 50% off or more compared to any other system.

Termodinamica is the only manufacturer of marine inverter HVAC systems based on titanium exchanger grade 2.
Patented architecture allows full resistance against corrosion and a very good resistance against fouling.
The special condensing circuit work perfectly with 38°C (100°F) of sea water, considering that, we can offer maximum comfort in any tropical sea where the medium temperature is 32°C (90°F)

A clever software manage the optimal refrigerant evaporation in every single air handler offering a very high cooling capacity with air output from diffuser up to 2°C (35°F).
Whit a very low working temperature on the air handler Termodinamica offer you a superior dehumidifucation allowing more helthier environment and increasing the on board comfort (up to 20% RH in 20 minutes)
At the same time power consuption will be reduced for a 50% off or more compared to all other systems in the market.

Termodinamica use telemetry system for HVAC able to control marine air conditioning systems via Internet in every side of the world.

For professional customer are available monitoring system 24/24 that continuosly communicates with Termodinamica´s operating center to alert in case that a system begin to work in harsh conditions. For leisure market boat and superyachts Termodinamica offer a remote control system that allows to be connected with the boat in case that captain require a check. It allows to fix several simple issues by phone without useless technical stop in the port.

Termodinamica marine remote control system makes happy every crew member guaranteed a real superior level of service.

Clever fault prevention system: Termodinamica use a clever software that survey every components of HVAC system. Before that a components can breakdown for continuos work in harsh conditions software analyze anomalities and control it.

For example: if sea water filter is fouled and begin to reduce the flow to condenser it takes time before it will be completely stopped and flow switch detectd it. Termodinamica analyze for that purpose the heat loss in the condenser, if it not match with calculated parameters, system begin to reduce a bit the compressors speed and the touch screen show you that you need to check the water flow. In this way the on board engineer has time to check the issue, system don´t stop and any possible stress for mechanical part was avoided.

Termodinamica use special materials for their products able to offer very performing systems but ultralight at the same time.
Typically a 60.000 btu system for a 100ft sail yacht weight 80kg (175 lb) only.
Compressor box is made by an aviation grade aluminum frame.

Inverter compressor twin rotary allows reduced displacement and related reduced weight keeping same cooling capacity.
Titanium condenser weight an average of 3 times less compared to standard copper-nickel.
Higher system efficiency allows use of smaller and lighter gensets.
Power source range for a 100ft is 500 watt to 2,0kw.