Touch screen

An evolved air conditioning system needs evolved controls. That´s why the system are equipped with a 4,3″ touch screen, wide, bright and sensitive to the touch. User can adjust a wide range of operating parameters like the 7 speeds of fans more the night and automatic. From the master touch screen can be operated a group control of the others air handler or remote control of a single one.

Very useful is the power manager software that allows to adjust the maximum power source for air conditioning at certain value. This function can be also automatic with load sensors that detect others loads level and adjust the AC power. Another special function allows to cooling the yacht with battery only without genset for several hours. (up to 6 hours for 90ft with 700Ah)

Available models are 4,3″ 7″ 10″ 13″ and 15″

Graphics is fully customizable under owner or shipyard request.

A service page help the captain to check working conditions and maintenance level of the system. Water and air filters, working hours, power supply level etc. This is an helpful human-machine interface to have anytime an efficient system.

You can get access to touch screen trough a smartphone app or via internet to remote control the boat or get access to service area.

We offer touch screen controls for air conditioning and refrigeration system for yachts and cruise ships.

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